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Troubleshooting Guide for your Hayward EC-40 & EC-50 Pool Filter

If you are experiencing any issues with your Hayward DE filter System you can find some common solutions here.
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Use the following guide to troubleshoot your Hayward EC-40/EC-50 Pool Filter

ProblemProbable CauseRemedy
High Pressure
  • D.E. coated with normal build-up of pool dirt, algae, etc.

  • Overcharge of D.E.

  • Restriction in return line caused by small eyeball fitting

  • Partially closed valve on return line
  • Bump

  • Bump-Drain-Recharge

  • Change to larger size fitting

  • Open valve
  • Return Flow drop off
  • D.E. coated with normal build-up of pool dirt, algae, etc.

  • Pump strainer basket clogged

  • Skimmer basket clogged

  • Pump impeller vanes clogged

  • Air leak on suction side of pump

  • Electric motor running less than max. RPM
  • Bump

  • Clean

  • Clean

  • Clean with stiff wire brush through pump strainer opening

  • Check cover gasket, hand knobs, hose, clamps, etc.
    Replace or tighten

  • Consult pump/motor troubleshooting guide
    Most problems due to:

    1. Undersized/improper wiring

    2. Power cut-backs

    3. Both 1 & 2

    Short Cycles
  • D.E. loaded to capacity with pool dirt, algae, etc.

  • Bumping incorrectly

  • Bump handle bent

  • Pump output exceeds design flow rate of filter

  • Algae present
  • Bump-Drain-Recharge

  • Slow down stroke – quick stroke up. Repeat 6 times

  • Check and straighten, or replace

  • Check GPM/LPM output. Regulate pump output to max. filter GPM/LPM rating

  • Super-chlorinate, Bump- Drain-Recharge

  • Short Cycles continuing after Bump-Drain-RechargeContaminated or clogged Flex-Tube braids due to:

    1. Natural build-up of chemical deposits

    2. Running D.E. charge too long with build-up of live algae present

    3. Operating filter without D.E.

    4. Operating filter too long without D.E. after the pump starts. D.E. must be added

    5. immediately after filter is filled with water and a steady stream is coming from the pump
    Clean tube nest (2 methods)

    1. Detergent Cleaning: Remove tube nest, hosing it down with forceful stream of clean water. Soak tube next in strong solution of laundry detergent and warm water. Hose down again.

    2. Chemical Cleaning: Use water and muriatic acid solution to chemically dissolve contaminates. Consult with pool dealer.
    Short Cycles when vacuuming
  • Dirty Water

  • Live, vigorously growing algae

  • Alum or flocking agents clogging the filter
  • Bump-Drain-Recharge more often

  • Add chlorine, then vacuum

  • Vacuum to bypass filter, avoid using flocking agents
  • D.E. leaking into pool through return lines
  • Opening or tear in one or more Flex-Tubes

  • Rip or hole in diaphragm gasket

  • Worn or loose-fitting diaphragm gasket

  • Loose bolts on tube nest plates
  • Replace Flex-Tube

  • Replace gasket

  • Replace gasket

  • Tighten bolts
  • D.E. leaking into pool through skimmer or main drain
  • Filter check valve worn or stuck open
  • Clean and/or replace valve
  • Hard Bumping
  • Caking of D.E. under tube sheet. Due to build up sun tan oil, hair, floating particles binding together to form clay-like substance

  • Overloaded with D.E.
    Due to improper draining of last charge of D.E

  • Filter runs too long between bumping

  • Bump-Drain-Recharge more often. Reduce use of oils

  • Bump-Drain-Recharge with correct amount of D.E

  • Bump more often

  • Hayward D.E. Filter Systems

    D.E. filters use a fine white powder (Diatomaceous Earth) to capture all dirt, removing microscopic dust and pollen as small as one micron. Quality, value, dependability and sparkling clear pool water are the Hayward Perflex system trademarks.

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