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What is a Thru-Wall Skimmer?

Every pool purchased from The Pool Factory will include a Thru-Wall Skimmer and return fitting. This essential part of your above ground pool consists of several different parts which are described below.
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Outside View of Thru-Wall Skimmer and Return Jet Fitting
Inside View of Thru-Wall Skimmer and Return Jet Fitting

A Thru-Wall Skimmer attaches to the side of your above ground pool and serves as the intake so that water can flow from the pool into your filter system. The outtake is your return jet fitting, which is where the filtered water streams back into the pool. Both the skimmer and the return jet are included with your above ground pool and are the last parts of the pool to be installed. Make sure the water in your pool is filled up about halfway before installing the skimmer and return fitting. Also, be sure to cut the hole in your vinyl liner only after the skimmer is installed. For complete step by step instructions on how to install your Thru-wall skimmer, please refer to our help center page.

hayward wide mouth skimmer
Hayward Wide-Mouth Skimmer Parts

The skimmer also functions as the first line of defense for removing debris from the pool. As the water passes through the skimmer, leaves and large debris will get caught in the skimmer basket before they reach your filter system. The water then flows into the filtration system, which will filter out all of the fine particles.
The skimmer’s weir door forces more water to enter the skimmer, which helps remove floating debris from the water. The weir door will also keep the debris in the skimmer basket when the pump is turned off, preventing it from floating back into the pool.
The skimmer weir door helps regulate the flow of water into the pump and prevents large amounts of air from entering the pump and filtration system. This will allow your filter system to operate optimally and more efficiently throughout the pool season.
The Thru-Wall Skimmer is also where your vacuum hose hooks up when it’s time to clean your pool. You would first remove the skimmer basket and place the vacuum plate (included with the skimmer) on top of the opening. Your vacuum hose will connect to this plate and your pump will provide the suction into the filter.

The water level in your pool is important for the Thru-Wall Skimmer to function properly. You should keep the water level about 2/3 of the way up the opening of the skimmer. If the water level is too low the pump will suck air instead of water, causing the pump to work harder with less water flow going back into the pool. If the water level is too high the skimmer will not effectively trap passing debris.

Hayward SP1091WM Wide-Mouth Above Ground Thru-Wall Skimmer

Includes the following: Skimmer Housing, Wide Mouth Extension, Wide Mouth Front Plate, Locking Top, Cover, Flap door (Weir), Basket, Vac Adapter Plate and Elbow, Return Fitting including “Eyeball” and gaskets, Hose adapters 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″, Gasket Set (2 Pcs.), Teflon Tape.

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