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Saltwater Series Chemical Opening Kit – Product Review

View the pro's and con's of the Saltwater Series Pool Opening & Maintenance Kit in this product review.
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Product Features

The Saltwater Series Chemical Opening Kit with Test Kits was designed specifically for Saltwater Pool owners and supplies all the necessary chemicals for proper start-up and maintenance throughout the season. It also includes test kits to measure the pH, Alkalinity, Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid and Salt levels.

The Saltwater Series Kit comes with all of the chemicals needed to open a Saltwater Pool up to 25,000 gallons. Two included chemicals that make this kit especially important for a Saltwater Pool are the Oxidizing (non-chlorine) Shock and the Saltwater Stabilizer. These are important to use in conjunction with a salt chlorine generator for maximum efficiency. Also included are the standard pH and alkalinity increasers that are very important. Two styles of test strips allow you to confirm that all levels are proper and balanced.


  • 2lbs. Saltwater pH Increaser
  • 3lbs. Saltwater pH Decreaser
  • 5lbs. Saltwater Alkalinity Increaser
  • 3lbs. Saltwater Alkalinity Decreaser
  • 2lbs. Saltwater Oxidizing Shock
  • 7lbs. Saltwater Stabilizer
  • 4 Way Test Strips (50 Strips)
  • Salt Test Strips (16 Strips)


Wide variety of chemicals

Enough testing strips to last the whole season

Designed for Saltwater and Non-Chlorine Pools

Great overall value including 7lbs of Stabilizer

Manufacturer Guarantee

Not Applicable


If you are a Saltwater Pool owner and are looking for an all in one opening kit, the Saltwater Series Kit is exactly what you need and is a great value

Saltwater Series Chemical Maintenance Kit With Test Kits

The Saltwater Series Pool Opening & Maintenance Kit includes everything necessary to maintain sparkling clear salt water except the salt!

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