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Saltwater Pool Comparison

The Pool Factory offers several different Saltwater compatible pool models. You can learn the differences between your choices below.
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The Differences between Our Saltwater Pool Models

A saltwater pool is a pool that is warranted by the manufacturer for saltwater use. Saltwater can be corrosive to most above ground pools. You should only use a saltwater system with pools that are specifically built for handling a saltwater system.

The Pool Factory carries 4 pool models that are warranted for saltwater use; they are the Saltwater 5000, Saltwater 8000, Saltwater LX and the Intrepid.

Saltwater 5000 vs. Saltwater 8000

Saltwater 5000 Round Pool
Customer Spotlight: Christopher G. #08
Saltwater 8000 Round Pool

The Saltwater 5000 has a 7″ wide extruded resin ledge and is a 52″ high pool. The Saltwater 8000 has a much heavier frame including an 8″ wide true curved resin ledge that is injection molded resin (the best kind of resin for a pool ledge). The Saltwater 8000 pool is 54″ high.

Saltwater 5000 Top Cap and Ledge
Saltwater 8000 Top Cap and Ledge

Both of these pools will come with a Stainless Steel service panel for superior corrosion protection. The Saltwater 8000 has a decorative wall bolt covering that conceals where the stainless steel panel connects to the rest of the pool wall. The Saltwater 5000 does not have this covering.

Saltwater Pools
Saltwater 5000 Stainless Steel Service Panel
Saltwater 8000 Stainless Steel Service Panel

The Saltwater 5000 and Saltwater 8000 are semi inground pools. They are warranted for semi-inground installation up to halfway (26 inches or 27 inches) in the ground.

Saltwater 8000 vs. Saltwater LX

The Saltwater 8000 and Saltwater LX pools have all the same features. The only difference is the color. The Saltwater LX features resin top ledges and sleek resin top caps in a rich Chocolate hue. The uprights are a mocha metallic color.

Customer Spotlight: Hector C. #04
Saltwater LX Round Pool


Unlike our other Saltwater models that are made mostly of resin components, the Interpid is made entirely out of extruded aluminum. Aluminum is a metal that does not rust, therefore can be used with a saltwater system.

The Interpid is made differently than our other pool models. The wall of the pool is assembled with interlocking panels that give it superior strength. For this reason the Interpid Pool model can be installed up to 36 inches in the ground.

Intrepid Oval Pool Semi Inground
Above Ground Saltwater Pools

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