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Pool Frog XL PRO Mineral System Inline Installation and Winterizing

This guide will show you how to install and winterize your Pool Frog XL PRO Mineral System.
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In-line Installation



Pipe Wrench

Tape Measure


PVC Cement


#10 X 1 ¼” Phillips Pan Head Screws with washers

Use Phillips pan head screws through the mounting holes at the POOL FROG Cycler bases to secure the POOL FROG XL PRO into a treated wood base.

Measure the distance between outside male adapters and cut out a section of pipe 3” less than that dimension.

Following PVC cement directions brush PVC cement on the inside of the male adapters and to ends of the pipe.

Insert PVC pipe into male adapters with a twisting action. Hold in place 5 to 10 seconds to bond.

Isolating the POOL FROG XL PRO by installing a corrosion resistant check valve is recommended.

For Proper Performance

1) Run Pump for at least 6 hours per day at high speed (at least 40 gpm).

If the pump will run on low speed 24 hours per day or less than 6 hours per day on high speed, you must bleed the air while the pump is on by unscrewing both cycler cap knobs until water appears. Then screw the knobs back on. Repeat this process each time the cycler caps are removed for any reason.

2) Install system with a minimum 4 psi back pressure.

Lower back pressure could result in under chlorination. Adjust eye ball fittings in the return jets to a smaller size to increase back pressure. Contact King Technology at 800-222-0169 for a cap tapped for a pressure gauge to determine back pressure at pool start-up.

Special Installation

Water flow is higher than 80 gpm.

In-floor cleaner is included with pool.

Pool and spa combination with common equipment.

NOTE: Over chlorination or damage to the POOL FROG Cyclers or other equipment could result if these special installations are not used in these situations


Turn pump off and turn dial to Setting 0.

Remove both caps.

Unscrew knob in the back of both POOL FROG XL PRO Cyclers. Allow all water to drain.

Remove the POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir and discard in trash. Even if you hear spent minerals inside, it is no longer effective.

Remove the POOL FROG Pac. If it still contains chlorine, wrap in plastic bag and store in shed or cool, well ventilated location away from children and pets.

Do not store near motorcycles, cars or anything metal that can rust, pit, etc.

Make sure POOL FROG Pac is away from open flame.

Replace both caps and knobs loosely.

Pool Frog XL Pro System Package

The Pool Frog XL Pro, uses a Mineral Reservoir in one Cycler and a pre-filled Chlorine Pac in the other, for complete pool care with extended chlorine pac life over the regular In Ground Pool Frog. This allows you to have more fun with your pool and spend as little maintenance time as possible.

Pool Frog XL Pro
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