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Pool Frog Mineral System – How It Works

An in-depth look at the Pool Frog System which consists of the Pool Frog Cycler, Mineral Reservoir Cartridge and Torpedo Pac and how it can help your pool water treatment process.
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Pool Frog manufactures the highest quality mineral sanitation systems available to drastically reduce your pool’s sanitizer consumption while still being completely healthy and protected.

In this article we will go over in detail 3 main components (parts) of the Pool Frog Mineral System.

3 main parts to the Pool Frog Mineral System

  • Pool Frog Cycler
  • Pool Frog Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir
  • Pool Frog Pool Frog Bac Pacs

Pool Frog Cycler

The Pool Frog Cycler serves as a water treatment center and controls the flow of water through all the Pool Frog components. It requires No extra plumbing. No electricity. No extra headaches!

The Pool Frog mineral cycler allows pool owners to dramatically reduce chlorine usage while maintaining a safe and effective way to keep your pool water crystal clear.

Pool Frog Cycler
Pool Frog Cycler

Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir Cartridge

The Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir Cartridge will make you a believer in mineral pool care with water that feels incredibly soft so your skin stays silky smooth. Looking at your pool is like looking into a mirror because mineral water has a crystal clear shine.

The Mineral Reservoir 6100 Series deposits into the Cycler, and contains the EPA-registered formula that augments your water treatment and helps to use less chlorine.

Mineral Reservoir
Mineral Reservoir

Pool Frog Bac Pacs

The Pool Frog Bac Pacs are placed inside the Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir, providing low level chlorine support for approximately 2 weeks.

Bac Pacs provide pool owners with a way to supply chlorine to their systems slowly and steadily, enabling maximum chlorine effectiveness.

Bac Pacs
Bac Pacs
Pool Frog Classic

No more daily dosing or strong chlorine odors! The Pool Frog Leap System allows you to enjoy softer water, while saying goodbye to red eyes, itchy skin and faded swimsuits.

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