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Pool Frog Leap Mineral System – How to Winterize and Maintain Your System

Learn how to winterize and maintain your Pool Frog Leap Mineral System to ensure it will provide you with clean and clear water for years to come.
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You must make sure you properly winterize your Pool Frog Leap Mineral System at the end of the pool season. Follow the directions below as they will help you with the process. Also, you can learn how to replace the control dial o-rings, cap o-ring and knobs.

POOL FROG Leap – Winterizing

Turn pump off and turn dial to Setting 0.

Remove cap.

Unscrew knob from the front of FROG Leap Infuzer. Allow all water to drain.

If FROG Leap Torpedo Pac still contains chlorine, wrap in plastic bad and store in shed or cool well-ventilated location away from children, pets, cars, motorcycles or anything metal that can rust, pit, etc. Make sure FROG Leap Torpedo Pac is away from open flame.

Remove the FROG Lea Anti-Bac Mineral Pac and discard in trash. Even if you hear spent minerals inside, it is no longer effective.

Replace the cap and knob loosely.

POOL FROG Leap – Maintenance

Replacing Cap O-Ring

Any system that has O-rings and also holds chlorine will need to be maintained carefully. The Bac Pacs can cause the O-ring to dry and crack more rapidly. Follow the instructions below to replace the cap O-ring.

Hold cap I front of you upside down with the O-ring groove facing up. Place one end of O-ring into cap groove at the point closest to you. Hold O-ring down with the thumb and index finger of one hand.

Take hold of the far end of the o-ring with the thumb and index finger of the other hand. Roll o-ring slightly back towards you as you stretch the o-ring into the remainder of the cap groove.

Lubricate o-ring often with silicone lubricant that came with your POOL FROG Cycler. DO NOT USE petroleum based lubricants.

Replacing Knobs

Replace knob in back or on cap of POOL FROG Leap Infuzer by unscrewing old one and screwing in new one.

Replacing the Control Dial O-Rings

The control dial of the Infuzer system sometimes becomes stiff over time indicating that the O-rings need to be replaced. Follow the instructions below to change them and restore the smooth turn of the control dial.

In the back of the FROG Leap Infuzer depress center of locking pin with a finger and pull pin out of dial.

Turn control dial back and forth as you pull it out of the housing.

Replace both O-rings. Apply silicone lubricant that came with your FROG Leap Infuzer on O-rings.

Carefully insert control dial back into housing.

Replace locking pin by pushing it through the slots on the dial until it locks into place.

Pool Frog Leap Hibernation / Wake Up Kit

Whether opening OR closing your pool, Pool Hibernation / Pool Wake Up! provides complete care in a single box. With the hands free dispensing only FROG provides, you gain the convenience that your water is prepared for the coming season or properly winterized.

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