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Pentair Lil Shark Pool Cleaner Set-up Instructions

The Pentair LIL Shark above ground pool cleaner is one of the most popular automatic cleaners on the market. Learn the best way to set it up.
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Pentair lil shark pool cleaner
The Pentair LIL Shark above ground pool cleaner is one of the most popular automatic cleaners on the market. It’s simple design and easy set-up ensures you will be using it alongside your pool for many years to come. Although it works automatically, being able to use it manually with a telescopic pole is another feature that helps the Pentair Lil Shark stand out among the rest.

Before installing your cleaner, review and understand all warnings and safety information in this guide. Failure to follow these instructions or improper installation of the cleaner can result in damage to the pool finish or the vinyl liner.

The Pentair Lil Shark pool cleaner is designed to rid your pool of debris in approximately 4-6 hours. Less time could be needed, depending on pool size.

Pentair Lil Shark / Pool Installation Instructions

Step 1 Pentair lil Shark

Step 1 – Preparation of the Pool

Before operation of cleaner, make the following preparations before proceeding:

  • Chemically balance the pool water.
  • Brush pool and let the debris settle.
  • Clean filter and pump strainer basket.
  • Start Pump.

Step 2 Pentair lil Shark

Step 2 – Check Parts

Make sure you have all parts to pool cleaner.

Step 3 Pentair lil Shark

Step 3 – Assemble Cleaner

  1. Attach hose sections as shown in Fig 1.
  2. Insert swivel assembly into top of cleaner body and twist 1/4 turn clockwise to lock. See Fig. 2.
  3. Attach hose assembly to cleaner swivel assembly.

Step 4 Pentair lil Shark

Step 4 – Submerge Cleaner

Turn cleaner upside down, submerge, and feed cleaner and hose down side of the pool wall to fill hose with water. Fig. 3.

Step 5 Pentair lil Shark

Step 5 – Connect Hose to Skimmer

With filter system running, connect hose to skimmer or to suction port. See below for hose connections.

Step 6 Pentair lil Shark

Step 6 – Size The Hose

For best results: With the cleaner running and submerged, pull hose to the furthest point in the pool, plus one section. Add or remove hose sections as needed.

Note: The hose is designed for use with the cleaner. Use of a different type of hose will reduce the cleaner’s performance.

Step 7 Pentair lil Shark

Step 7 – Pool Coverage

Factory setting is set at #0. When watching the cleaner for the first time, adjust these settings to ensure complete cleaning coverage. See Fig. 5.

Pool Hose Connections Diagram

Follow drawing that most closely resembles your skimmer installation. Fig. 4.

Pool Hose Connection Diagram for Pentair Lil Shark Cleaner

Automatic Vacuum Regulator Additional Information

  • Every system requires a vacuum regulator for safe operation.
  • Regulator provides vacuum relief in case cleaner suction is blocked.
  • The black runner diaphragm on the Regulator must always be submerged. If it sucks air, the pump will lose prime, which could damage the pump.
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