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Operating your Hayward EC-40 & EC-50 Pool Filter

The following is a brief tutorial on the essentials of Operating your Hayward EC-40/EC-50 Pool Filter.
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Starting the Filter System

After plugging in the filter, it is time to add the D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) by pouring it slowly into the skimmer while the filter is running. Add 3 lbs. for model EC-30, 4lbs for the Hayward EC-40 or 5 lbs. for the Hayward EC-50.

For a safer alternative to D.E, try using Jack’s Magic-the Filter Fiber Stuff- 1 lb. of Filter Aid equals 5 lbs. of D.E.

Jack's Magic Filter Fiber Stuff - Replaces D.E. (9oz.)

Jack’s Magic Filter Fiber Stuff filter media is a safe, non-toxic alternative to DE. The Filter Fiber Stuff is super concentrated, requiring less than half the amount required of DE (by weight) to deliver swimming pool water of the highest quality.

For more precise measuring, use the D.E. Pre-Measure Cup, which holds exactly 1 lb. of D.E.

D.E. Pre-Measure Cup

Holds exactly 1 lb. of D.E.., eliminates measurement guesswork. Ensures optimum filter performance. Bright color easily visible from anywhere in the yard. Hundreds of other uses.

How Long Should the Filter Run Each Day?

Model EC-30 or EC-40 will filter 2,400 gallons per hour. Model EC-50 will filter 3,000 gallons per hour. It is recommended that you turn over the water in your pool at least twice a day (refer to chart at bottom of page for your pool’s capacity). Run the filter more in hot weather or with heavy bather load.

What is Regeneration (Bumping)?

When return pressure (water flow) becomes weak or there is a surge in the pressure gauge reading, it is time to regenerate the filter powder. To do this unplug filter, then move handle at top of filter down slowly then up quickly. Repeat 3 times. Plug in filter and filtration will resume at or near original pressure. When bumping handle no longer extends filter cycle it may be time to backwash the filter. This is essential information for operating Your Hayward EC-40 & EC-50 pool filter.

What is Backwashing?

Backwashing completely clears filter of dirt, debris and filter powder by reversing the flow of water through the filter. To backwash, shut off filter and move bump handle at top of filter down slowly then up briskly. Repeat 8 times. Open drain (backwash valve) that is located at bottom of filter tank. Allow water to run until clear, close drain and follow instructions for starting filter.

Follow these steps that we’ve provided for operating Your Hayward EC-40 & EC-50 pool filter and you’ll be happy you purchased it.

Cleaning Procedures

When the pressure rises to more than 10 psi in a 24-hour period or when the pool water is cloudy for longer than 30 seconds after regeneration, it is time to clean the filter. To do this, stop the pump, move bump handle down slowly, then up quickly. Repeat 8 times. Open both the vent valve and filter drain plug. Close both. Then, open suction and outlet valves. Start pump to allow filter to fill with water. Finally repeat this “Cleaning” procedure. These “Cleaning” instructions are essential information for properly operating Your Hayward EC-40 & EC-50 pool filter.


Winterization should be done in locations where sub-freezing temperatures can be expected. To do so, drain and remove the filter from where it operates and store filter indoors. Prior to removal, follow the “Cleaning” procedure (seen above). Follow these steps in order to ensure optimal operation of Your Hayward EC-40 & EC-50 filter.

Pool Capacity Cheatsheet

Pool SizeCapacity (Gal.)Pool SizeCapacity (Gal.)
10 Round2,0008x12/14 Oval2,500
12 Round3,0008x15/16 Oval3,000
15 Round5,0008x19 Oval3,500
18 Round7,50010x15/16 Oval3,500
21 Round10,00010x18/19 Oval4,000
24 Round13,00010x21 Oval5,000
27 Round17,00012x16 Oval4,500
30 Round21,00012x17/18 Oval5,000
33 Round25,00012x20/21 Oval6,500
12x24 Oval7,500
14x20 Oval7,500
15x23/24 Oval10,000
15x30 Oval12,500
16x26 Oval12,500
16x32 Oval15,000
18x33 Oval17,000
18x40 Oval18,000
21x43 Oval24,000
Please note: Pool calculations below have been rounded off to be used as a quick guide for easy pool maintenance. For exact calculations please use our pool volume calculator.
DE Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth powder is an all-natural, porous powder derived from the tiny fossilized exoskeletons of algae-like water plants known as diatoms. When used in DE filter systems, diatomaceous earth powder provides a remarkable filtration media, trapping debris and contaminant particles ranging from leaves and dirt to bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Hayward D.E. Filter Systems

D.E. filters use a fine white powder (Diatomaceous Earth) to capture all dirt, removing microscopic dust and pollen as small as one micron. Quality, value, dependability and sparkling clear pool water are the Hayward Perflex system trademarks.

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