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Multi-Color LED Pool RETURN Light – Product Review

The Multi-Color LED Pool RETURN Light With Remote Control is one of our brightest and most popular lights. Read our product review below which describes all of the great features of this light.
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The Multi-Color LED Pool RETURN Light With Remote Control is a great light to use with your above ground pool. This light offers several advantages over other pool lights you will find on the market today. You can add light and color to your pool for a more enjoyable experience using this high quality LED pool return light.

Product Features

The Multi-Color LED Pool RETURN Light produces beautiful vibrant colors and the installation will only take a few minutes as there is no drilling required. The light simply screws into your existing return fitting and you will not have to lower the water level in the pool at all. Easy installation also means easy winterization.

This light is bright enough to illuminate most above ground pools. LED lights are much brighter than halogen bulbs and last significantly longer. You can cycle through on/off, white or color light, solid light or color show and brightness all from the included remote.


Multi Colored LED light

Easy to install – no drilling required

Remote control included for operation

Does not interfere with water flow from return jet fitting


LED lights have a higher cost than halogen lights, but they shine brighter and last significantly longer.

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


There are many lights on the market today for above ground pools. The Multi-Color LED Pool RETURN Light happens to be one of the brightest and easiest to install. Customers love the vibrant colors and easy installation.

Multi-Color LED Pool Return Light With Remote Control

Multi-color LED light will fit over existing standard return jet fitting without having to lower water level in your pool. Adds light and color to your pool for a more enjoyable experience.

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