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Monthly Pool Maintenance Checklist

We at The Pool Factory have put together this easy to follow Monthly Pool Maintenance Checklist to make the...
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Depending on how much attention your pool requires, there may be additional maintenance items worth checking on a monthly basis to be sure that you get the most out of your above ground swimming pool. Your proximity to a major city, proximity to the ocean, the type of filtration system used, the types of chemicals and pool supplies used, etc. can all affect your pools chemistry and maintenance schedule. We at The Pool Factory have put together this easy to follow Monthly Pool Maintenance Checklist to make the process easy for pool owners.

Monthly Pool Maintenance Checklist

Drastically reduce the amount of time maintaining your pool.

Monthly Pool Maintenance Checklist

Monthly Pool Maintenance

The following is a monthly pool maintenance list of recommended items that may ensure your pool endures through the years and lasts as long as it was intended.


Visually inspect the outside perimeter of the pool to look for any signs of leaks or damage.

Monthly Pool Maintenance Checklist

Check your vinyl liner for any hole, tears, or irregularities.

Monthly Pool Maintenance Vinyl Liner Check

Test and adjust Calcium Hardness.

Monthly Pool Maintenance Chemical Test
Pool Check 3 In 1 Chlorine Test Kit

Is a three way test kit tests for chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels. Proper levels keep your pool sparkling clear. One bottle contains 50 Strips.

Pool Test Kit

Test and adjust Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer).

Pool Maintenance Checks

Test and adjust TDS level (total dissolved solids).

Monthly Pool Check

Inspect filter O-rings and fittings.

Inspect Filter O-Ring

Inspect motor O-rings, seals, and fittings.

How To Change The Sand In A Pool Filter

Our monthly pool maintenance checklist helps ensure these items that are often overlooked get inspected routinely and by catching any problems early, you can save a good amount of time and money.

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  • July 13, 2014 at 10:04 AM
    Frank Arlotta

    I bought a 16×8 oval above ground pool from your facility about two years ago. Only until recently we’ve been having a problem with algae growth. Can you advise me the best possibly solution to remedy this problem? We have a frog chlorine unit and have it set at 6-8 level. I’ve been given several different answers about applying shock, algaecides and amounts. I have a 3000 gallon pool. Can someone give me a solid maintenance plan for this problem? It would be most appreciated. Thank you.

    • July 14, 2014 at 1:20 PM

      Hi Frank,

      Shock and algaecides are the correct products to help remove algae, along with a lot of filter time. The best way to prevent algae is to make sure that your Ph and alkaline levels are balanced and that you run your filter for 8-12 hours every day. An outdoor pool timer for your pool filter is a good idea.

      Also make sure that your Frog Pac Bac still contains chlorine. The dial on your Frog unit should be set to the proper setting to give your pool enough chlorine. The setting number will change with weather and bather load. You should test the chlorine level in your pool at least once a week and adjust as necessary.

      For additional information see the following post: How To Treat Pool Algae

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