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Make Your Pool Safer (Simple Steps)

There are ways, specifically product upgrades, to dramatically decrease the possibilities of having a dangerous pool area and...
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Although the first things that come to mind when deciding to purchase an above ground swimming pool are barbecues, hot summer days, and quality family time, it is always very important to discuss pool safety and the ways to protect your backyard from any possible dangers. There are ways, specifically product upgrades, to dramatically decrease the possibilities of having a dangerous pool area and to make your pool safer. Peace of mind is hardly ever too expensive or not worth the cost. It’s important to stay aware even when your pool isn’t on the top of your mind.

Pool Safety Ladders

Both the Confer Evolution and the Roll Guard A-Frame safety ladders offer a way to lock the outside portion to prevent unwanted entry and make your pool safer. The Evolution has a swing design that raises the outer half of the ladder in the air and locks it in place so that your little ones will not be able to reach it. The Roll Guard ladder has a sleek design that blocks the outer half of the ladder with a roll down gate. Both designs are very effective and easy to adjust.

Confer Evolution Resin A-Frame Safety Ladder 7100X

The Confer 7100 A-Frame ladder is ideal for pools installed above ground (without a deck). The Confer 7100 provides safe and secure entry & exit from your above ground pool, featuring an anti-entrapment barrier to prevent entrapment behind the ladder.

Confer Evolution Safety Ladder
Confer Roll-Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder

The Confer Roll Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder features a unique locking Roll Guard safety barrier which helps prevent access to the pool when not in use. The simple roll-up and down design (similar to a garage door) eliminates the need to flip up or spin the outer treads of the ladder to restrict access.

Confer Roll Guard Safety Ladder

EXPERT TIP: If you have a deck with a deck ladder, it is highly recommended to have a self-closing locking gate on the decking near the entry of the pool. Your pool area should always be locked and secure while not in use. Especially when children live or play in close proximity to your pool.

Pool Alarm

Smartpool offers a line of alarms to make your pool safer. They not only can help you meet your town’s code if it requires you to have an alarm but also are packed with features. The PoolEye Pool alarm automatically sets after you leave the pool, has a remote receiver for inside the house, and is very easy to install. Smartpool also gives a 1-year warranty with their products. For decks with a gate, use the Yard Guard Gate Alarm to alert you when someone has entered your swimming area.

Smartpool Pool Eye Alarm Above Ground & In-Ground Pools PE23

The PoolEye Alarm uses a sophisticated program to analyze the disturbance, and alarms in appropriate circumstances, remaining silent in avoiding false alarms. Designed and tested by one of the industry’s pioneer pool alarm companies, SmartPool.

Smartpool Pool Eye Alarm
Smartpool Yard Guard Gate, Door, Window Alarm YG03

Yard Guard Gate, Door, Window Alarm System YG03 is designed to alert you upon unsupervised entry to your yard or pool area. YardGard meets or exceeds state barrier alarm codes. Hardware is included for mounting on gates, doors, and windows.

Smartpool Yard Guard

Pool Safety Covers

For in-ground pools a safety cover is the best way to make your pool safer during the off-season. For above ground pools though, many times it is not possible to have a safety cover as it requires decking around the entire perimeter of the pool. This is another reason why a safety ladder or a self-closing locking gate on your deck is important.

Make Your Pool Safer – Last but not least…

Teach your children the dangers of water and the importance of staying away from the pool unless there is an adult supervising. Education is the best way to have a safe swimming pool.

  • June 16, 2014 at 6:28 PM
    Thomasina Gonzalez

    I was wondering if an above ground pool is purchased do you offer any installation services?

    • June 19, 2014 at 10:44 AM

      Sorry we do not offer installation services. We recommend using Google and searching “above ground pool installer + your location”.

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