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Leaf Net Cover – Product Review

Leaf Net covers are especially helpful in keeping your winter cover clean and free of debris during the off season.
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Leaf Net Covers are designed to go over your above ground pool’s winter cover to prevent leaves and other debris from collecting on the top of your winter cover. This makes it very easy to clean your winter cover if you have trees in your surrounding area and around your pool.

Product Features

Leaf net covers are made of exceptionally durable ultra-fine lightweight mesh making it very easy to install and remove from your above ground swimming pool.

Having a leaf net cover will save you time and money in the spring. They are purchased according to your pool’s size. All leaf net covers have a 2-3 foot overlap (cover size is 2-3ft larger than pool size) to fit your above ground swimming pool properly and includes a vinyl coated steel cable and ratcheting winch to secure the cover to the pool.


By collecting leaves and debris, leaf net covers make spring pool opening a breeze.

They also make great fall and spring covers in warmer regions or for pools that are kept open late into autumn.

Manufacturer Guarantee

4-year manufacturer’s pro-rated warranty (1 year full rated, 3 years pro-rated)


If you have trees in your surrounding area and around your pool, a leaf net cover makes it very easy to clean leaves and debris from the pool cover. This is a fast and easy way to keep your pool winter cover clean and remove unnecessary weight and unwanted debris.

Leaf Net Pool Covers

Leaf Net Cover for an aboveground pool is a simple and highly effective way to keep leaves and other debris from mixing with the water collected on top of your winter pool cover. Simply place the Leaf Net over your winter cover and secure it with the included vinyl coated steel cable and ratcheting winch.

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