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How to Install a Threaded Winterizing Plug for a Standard Return

Learn how to install a threaded winterizing plug for a standard return with this online video tutorial.
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At the end of your pool season you will need to perform certain tasks to ensure that your investment is properly maintained over the next few months till you can enjoy it the following year. The above ground pool experts at The Pool Factory have put together this video for pool owners on how to install a threaded winterizing plug for a standard return.

Threaded Winterizing Plug for Standard Return

The winterizing plug is used as a final step in winterizing your aboveground pool’s return lines, and can prevent costly damage from ice expansion during the winter months. Simply screw the winterizing threaded plug into the return line to prevent damage from freezing water during the winter months.

Hayward Eyeball Seat Removal Tool SP1419T

Hayward SP1419T seat removal tool easily removes the directional fitting. This removal tool is a fast and affordable way to easily remove the directional fitting allowing for replacing or plugging during the winter.

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