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How To Install A Solaxx Retro Jet RJ To An Aqualuminator Pool Light

There are a few additional parts and some extra steps needed to install a Solaxx Retro Jet RJ to the Aqualuminator Pool Light. Read our blog article to find out what you need to do.
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In order to install your Retro Jet RJ to your Aqualuminator you will need a couple of additional plumbing fittings and some PVC glue.

Follow the directions that are included with the Aqualuminator Pool Light to install it directly to your pool wall. Tighten the Fitting Body so that the hose fitting of the Aqualuminator is facing the right (away from the thru-wall skimmer).

Hard Plumbing Adapter for Aqualuminator Light
Lasco 1.5" FPT X 1.5" SKT (Female X Slip) Adapter

First, glue the Hard Plumbing Adapter to the Fitting Body of the Aqualuminator using PVC glue (not included). Make sure the Hard Plumbing Adapter is angled outward away from the pool wall.


Now you must glue the Lasco 1.5″ FPT X 1.5″ SKT (Female X Slip) Adapter to the Hard Plumbing Adapter.


Finally, secure the Main Elbow Assembly with Union Nut to the internal threads of the Female X Slip Adapter. Be sure to use the supplied Teflon tape for a waterproof connection. You can now follow the manufacturers instructions for the Rertro Jet RJ to finalize the installation.

Hard Plumbing Adapter (Rigid Hose) For Aqualuminator Light

Pentair American 79202900 hard plumbling adapter converts hose connection to rigid pipe solvent weld on AquaLuminator lights.

Lasco 1.5" FPT X 1.5" SKT (Female X Slip) Adapter Fitting/Coupler

Lasco 1.5″ FPT x 1.5″ SKT (Female x Slip) Adapter Fitting 435-015
Alternate Part Number: PV435015

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