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How to Winterize an Aqualuminator Pool Light

The Aqualuminator pool light is one of the best accessories available for an above ground pool. Learn how to prepare ...
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The Aqualuminator Pool Light is one of the best accessories available for an above ground pool. It adds a great “built-in” light look without drilling additional holes into the wall. Since it attaches to the pool through the return cutout, winterizing the Aqualuminator Pool Light is slightly different than the normal closing process and requires some alternate pool supplies.

With the closing process of a regular return, a 1.5” threaded plug is used to replace the “eyeball” or return jet to prevent any water loss or ice damage throughout the winter. Since the Aqualuminator pool light does not have the necessary threads to use the same plug, a different type of expandable plug is needed for pool closing.

Winterizing Plug For Aqualuminator Light

This is a special sized expandable plug that is used for the Aqualuminator pool light. Made for a perfect fit, this expansion plug fits the Aqualuminator, Darkbuster and Quasar lights.

Aqualuminator Pool Light Assembly Diagram

Aqualuminator Light Bulb Replacement

The transformer/power supply cap (not shown above) needs to be removed in order to expose the nut (bulb assembly). Slowly rotate the cap while pulling outwards to remove the cap.


Remove the nut (bulb assembly) that holds the bulb attached to the body and tight against the flow director by turning counter-clockwise. This nut is accessible from the outside of the pool, and when removed, allows the light to also be removed.


From the inside of the pool, detach both the bulb assembly and the flow director and store inside for the winter months.

IMPORTANT – Water will flow out of the back of the body if not covered with your hand between steps 3 and 4. As soon as the bulb is removed, water will be able to flow out of the pool. It may be helpful to have someone assist you during this process.


After they are removed, only the flange, gaskets and the body will remain connected. These pieces will stay connected and will not be disassembled. The Aqualuminator winterizing plug gets inserted into the flange from the inside of the pool (water side) and the wing nut tightened until snug.


After inserting the Aqualuminator plug, the winterizing process for the return is finished. Continue with either installing the skimmer winterizing plate or continue on to winterizing the filter system.

Above Ground Pool Closing

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  • September 19, 2016 at 10:16 AM

    is it necessary to remove the aqualuminator light assembly for winter if the water level is atleast a 1ft below the light

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