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How to Register Your Pool on mypoolwarranty.com

Learn how to register your above ground pool on mypoolwarranty.com.
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Registering your pool with the pool manufacturer is a simple process that should only take you a few minutes. Go to mypoolwarranty.com and follow the instructions below. You can use this website to register the following pool models: Bristol, Cameo, Melenia, Signature RTL, Saltwater 5000, Quest, Daytona, Tribeca, Saltwater 8000, Saltwater LX, Saltwater Aurora and Intrepid.

Click button that says “Create an Account”

Click “Continue”

Click “Continue”

Scroll down to read through the safety information. Check box that says “Check here if you Understand?” on the bottom and then click Continue.

Fill in all the required fields marked by a red asterisk. Then click “Register”.

Select the year of purchase from the drop down menu. Enter the name of your pool into the field labeled “Keywords”. For example ‘Bristol’. Then click the magnifying glass to search.

Locate your pool model from the search list. Click on the number that corresponds with your pool size.

If you do not see your pool on this list, do not be alarmed. Simply click “I can’t Identify my Pool!”

Click “Upload Proof of Purchase”

Click “Choose File”. Select the file on your computer that contains your purchase receipt. If you purchased your pool from ThePoolFactory.com, this would be first email you received after you made the purchase. After you select the file click “Upload Proof Of Purchase File (Required)”

Complete all the fields under “Please provide us with some more information about your purchase”. Then click “Next Step”.

Click “Confirm My Registration”

Click box labeled “Check here if you Agree?” and then click “Continue”.

Your registration is complete.

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