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How to Operate a Cartridge Filter System

A cartridge filter system has very easy maintenance and will keep your pool clear all summer long. Use this guide to help you with regular operation of the system.
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cartridge filter system for your above ground pool has many advantages, one of which being ease of maintenance. The cartridge filter’s cleaning process is not only simpler than other filter types but also needs to be completed less frequently. A cartridge filter means fewer parts, less problems, and more time enjoying your above ground pool.

Below are basic instructions for cleaning and operating a cartridge filter system as well as some good safety tips when working with a pressurized filter.

Prior To Starting:

  1. Turn the pump off and shut off any automatic controls to ensure that the system is not inadvertently started during servicing.
  2. Open the air relief valve. Wait until all pressure is relieved. Never attempt to assemble, disassemble or adjust the filter lock ring while there is any pressure in the filter.

System Restart Instructions:

  1. Open the air relief valve until it is in the full open position. Opening this valve rapidly releases air trapped in the filter.
  2. Stand clear of the filter tank, and then start the pump.
  3. Close air relief valve after a steady stream of water appears.

Cleaning the Filter:

  1. Turn the pump off, shut off any automatic controls to ensure that the system is not inadvertently started during servicing.
  2. Open the air relief valve.
  3. Close any shut off or slice valves, if applicable.
  4. Remove strainer pot lid and clean debris from basket. Replace basket and secure lid.
  5. Remove locking ring by depressing safety latches on both sides of the ring and rotate counterclockwise, then remove the tank lid.
  6. Remove the cartridge by placing hands in lifting handles and pulling straight up.
  7. Remove the cartridge element from the center support tube, if necessary.
  8. Using a garden hose with a nozzle, direct water spray at the cartridge element to dislodge and wash away accumulated debris. Spray water at the outside as well as the inside of the cartridge element for thorough cleaning.
Filter/Cartridge Spray Cleaner

To remove persistent debris and for a deeper clean, The Pool Factory Recommends using Cartridge spray cleaner.

Turn the cartridge element over several times during the washing operation to clean the media thoroughly.

  1. Clean and remove debris from inside the filter tank and from the O-ring and O-ring groove on the tank body.
  2. Replace clean cartridge element on support tube and install assembly into the filter tank body, making sure it is fully seated.
  3. Replace the tank lid onto the tank body making sure it is fully and firmly seated on the tank body.
  4. Place the lock ring over the tank lid, and centering the lock ring on the threads of the tank body, turn the lock ring clockwise until the safety latches click and the lock ring hits the stops on the body.
  5. Open shut off or slice valves, if applicable.
  6. Turn on pump and close air relief valve after a steady stream of water appears.

To replace an old cartridge with a new one, follow the same steps above except for steps 8-9.

A few basic safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pool filters operate under pressure. When the lock ring is installed properly and operated without air in the water system, this filter will operate in a safe manner.
  2. The maximum working pressure of this filter is 50 psi. Never subject this filter to pressure in excess of this amount. Pressures above 50 psi can cause the lid to be blown off, which can result in severe injury, death or property damage. In most cases, the maximum pressure will be stated on each component of the system.
  3. The pressure gauge is the primary indicator of how the filter is operating. Maintain your pressure gauge in good working order.
  4. Clean your filter when pressure reads between 8-10 psi higher than the original starting pressure.  Your filter pressure reading will increase as it removes dirt from your pool. However, this buildup of pressure will vary due to different bathing loads, temperature, weather conditions, etc.
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