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How to Maintain Your Pool Through the Winter

Winter months can be tough on an above ground pool. Learn how to maintain your pool through the winter by following some of these tips.
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Peace of mind throughout the winter months is worth the extra effort and easy to achieve if the proper steps are taken. By simply planing ahead, there is minimal maintenance that must be done in order to best take care of your above ground pool. Let’s face it, doing anything in the winter is more difficult. Get some of these things off the list by completing them when you close the pool as opposed to waiting for problems to creep up.


Start with the Basics

The first step to find peace of mind is to follow the basic pool closing instructions.

Check for any standing water before the temperature reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit (below freezing). Especially in any plastic components (e.g. skimmer, filter tank, chlorinator, etc.), as frozen water can expand and stress (crack) these parts.


Extra Pool Cover Care

A small amount of standing water is recommended to remain on the top of your winter cover throughout the winter. Generally 1″ to 2″ is sufficient. This will prevent wind from tearing the cover and keep it weighed down on the water of the pool.

Another great product is Horizon’s Winter Cover Sealer.

Winter Cover Sealer will further secure your above ground pools perimeter and also prevent damaging winds from effecting your winter cover.

Horizon Winter Cover Sealer

Horizon Winter Cover Sealer is is a simple solution to wind getting under your winter cover and causing damage and premature wear and tear.


Winterize Your Backyard, Not Just Your Pool

With strong enough winds, patio furniture, grills, large outdoor storage boxes, large and small plants, and other outdoor equipment kept near or around your pool my easily find themselves wanting to go tear your cover, or damage your above ground pool wall. Be sure to tie down and/or relocate all loose items no matter how heavy they may be as high winds can even move large items.

Patio Furniture Tie Down

Possibly The Tip That Saves You The Most

Disconnect your filter from the pool and store the pump indoors away from moisture at room temperature. Storing your filter’s pump indoors is proper procedure and will make sure you get the longest lifespan out of your motor.

Store your pump indoors

By doing a simple walk around the pool regularly throughout the winter, you may be able to recognize any damages and repair them quickly so they do not turn into a larger problem.

Check for any debris in the water that may cause damage to the winter cover. If any sunlight is allowed to reach the water within the pool, it allows the possibility of algae growth and causes the many problems related to opening a green or even black pool.

Above Ground Pool Closing

Shop our selection of winter covers, pool chemicals and accessories you need to perform a proper winter pool closing.

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