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How to Install a Smartpool Nightlighter

Installing your Smartpool Nightlighter on your above ground pool is easy when following the directions below. This guide will help you install it correctly.
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The SmartPool Multi-Color Pool Light is one of the easiest ways to add an underwater light to your above ground pool. This light does not require that you drill through the side of your pool. The Multi-Colored Pool Light is powered by halogen lights so the colors are vibrant and great for parties or outdoor entertainments. One light is bright enough to illuminate any size above ground pool. The Nitelighter comes with a built in 3 hour timer with automatic shut-off. For a nighttime swim or entertaining by the pool, SmartPool Multi-Color Pool Light will turn an ordinary swimming pool into an extraordinary night lit oasis.

Installation instructions:

  • Remove top cap of pool vertical post nearest your installation.
  • Unscrew one side of the top ledge and lift that end. The top ledge is comprised of flat sections that extend around the top of the pool’s wall.
  • Slide the pool light onto the pool wall submerging the light in the water. Locate the light in the middle of the top ledge section to allow for easier installation.
  • Hold the light down so that the top of the mounting bracket is flush with the top of the pool wall. Turn thumbwheel in a clockwise direction to tighten securely to the wall.
  • Be sure that the wire runs completely through the channel of the mounting bracket.
  • Replace top rail and cap.
  • Make sure that water level is above the minimum water line on the light. If not add water to pool.
  • The transformer should be mounted on a nearby vertical surface using the screws provided. Mount the transformer a minimum of 18 inches from the ground.
  • Plug unit only into a GFCI 110V receptacle. DO NOT USE EXTENSION CORDS
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