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How To Identify Your Saltwater Aurora Round Pool Components

Learn how to identify the different components of your Saltwater Aurora Round Swimming Pool.
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Saltwater Aurora Round Pool Model

Parts Breakdown

Identifying the parts of your swimming pool before the installation process will make the installation a lot easier and go more smoothly. Below you will find a breakdown of the parts that are used on our Saltwater Aurora Round Above Ground swimming pool and where they are used and installed.

Top Ledge – Index #G

Top Ledge

The Top Ledges (sometimes referred to as Top Rails) are the top finishing components of the swimming pool that are placed between the vertical upright posts. The Top Ledges are 6″ wide and are located at the very top of your pool.

Material: Injected-molded Resin

Ref #DescriptionPart #Length15'18'21'24'27'30'
GTop Ledge10148364000056"101214161820

Top Track – Index #A

Top Track

The Top Tracks (sometimes referred to as Inner Stabilizers) are the resin tracks that hold the liner onto the pool wall.

Material: Resin

Ref #DescriptionPart #Length15'18'21'24'27'30'
ATop Track107150716000056"10

Top Caps – Index #H & H2

Top Cap/Front Part
Top Cap/Back Part

The Top Caps consists of (2) parts. There is an Top Cap/Front Part which is closer to the outside of the pool. The Top Cap/Back Part is installed on the inside of the swimming pool closer to the water. The Top Caps cover all of the hardware where your Top Ledges screw into the Uprights.

Ref #DescriptionPart #15'18'21'24'27'30'
HTop Cap/Front Part10348440000101214161820
H2Top Cap/Back Part10348440010101214161820

Insert Cover – Index #H1

Insert Cover

The Insert Cover clips onto the Top Cap/Front part for a decorative finish.

Ref #DescriptionPart #15'18'21'24'27'30'
H1Insert Cover13057440020101214161820

Uprights – Index #F

Curved Side Upright

The Uprights are the vertical posts on the outside of your swimming pool wall. The Top Ledges will also screw into the top of the Uprights.

Ref #DescriptionPart #15'18'21'24'27'30'

Insert Cover – Index #F2

Insert Cover

The Insert Covers clip into each upright for a decorative finish.

Ref #DescriptionPart #15'18'21'24'27'30'
F2Insert Cover13057440010101214161820

Bottom Joiner Plate – Index #E

Bottom Joiner Plate

The Bottom Joiner Plates connect your Bottom Tracks together on a round pool. Your uprights will also screw into the Bottom Joiner Plates.

Ref #DescriptionPart #15'18'21'24'27'30'
EBottom Joiner Plate11207100000101214161820

Bottom Track – Index #B

Bottom Track

The Bottom Track (sometimes referred to as Bottom Rail) is where your pool wall sits.

The Bottom Track inserts into the Bottom Joiner Plates on the swimming pool.

Material: Resin

Ref #DescriptionPart #Length15'18'21'24'27'30'
BBottom Track10815470000056"10

Coping Strips – Only Included with Overlap Liners

Coping Strips
coping strips
Overlap Liner Installation Using Coping Strips

An Overlap Pool Liner is installed by overlapping it over the pool wall and using plastic Coping Strips to hold it in place. Coping strips are only included if you chose an Overlap Liner. Coping Strips are not required when installing a Uni-Bead Liner.

Saltwater Aurora Round Pool Parts

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