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How to Customize Your Above Ground Pool Package

Learn how to customize your above ground pool package and the differences between all of your options.
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Once you have decided your pool model, you can click on the “Customize This Pool” tab and begin the process of building your pool package.

All of our pools come with a Thru-wall skimmer and 20 Gauge Blue Liner. To build a basic pool package you would need to purchase the following items:

     1. Filter System

     2. Ladder or Step

     3. Pool Cleaning Equipment (Vacuum, Leaf Net, Pole)

     4. Chemical Kit 

    *5. Saltwater System (only available if you are customizing a Saltwater Swimming Pool)

Popular options on the customization page include:

     * Upgraded Liner

     * Pool Cove

     * Liner Floor Pad

     * Robotic Pool Cleaners

     * Pool Covers

     * Pool Lights

Pool Liner


The first item you select on the Pool Customization Page is the Pool Liner. All swimming pools include a 20 Gauge Blue Liner, but you have the option to upgrade the liner to a heavier grade vinyl (25 gauge, 30 gauge or 40 gauge).  Click on the “Help Me Choose” link below the liner options to review the differences between the overlap liners and the unibead liners. Additionally, the “Help Me Choose” link is available on most sections of this customization page and is extremely useful in selecting the right products for your pool package.  To view more features on the individual pool liners, simply click on the magnifying glass located to the right of the liner title. You can also scroll your mouse over the liner images to see an enlarged view of the different liner prints to help choose the one you prefer. It’s always recommended to upgrade the pool liner as the heavier grade vinyl is more durable and the beautifully printed liners will enhance the overall look of your pool.

Filter System

Cartridge Filter System

All above ground pools need a Filter System to maintain crystal clear water. There are 3 types of filter systems you can choose from; Sand, Cartridge and D.E. Sand filters require specially graded sand to trap particles and debris. The filter sand can last 3-5 years between changes giving you a very economical filtration system. In a cartridge filter, pool water passes through a filter material which captures dirt and debris. Cartridge filters are low maintenance and only require a garden hose to clean the filter element. Your last filter option is a D.E. filter, which uses a special powder called Diatomaceous Earth to coat the inside of the D.E. filter and trap very fine particles. D.E. filters provide superior water clarity but require more maintenance than sand or cartridge filters. Use the helpful options of clicking on the magnifying glass and the “Help Me Choose” links to decide on the proper filtration system to include with your pool package. We carry the best brands in above ground pool filtration, such as AquaPro Filter Systems. They offer a 2-year warranty along with a powerful and reliable 2-HP (Horsepower) pump option.

Ladders and Steps

Your next option will be choosing the right Ladder or In-Pool Step to go along with your pool package. Choosing a ladder depends on how you plan on setting up your pool and backyard. If you’re keeping your pool above ground and do not plan on building a deck around your pool, you can choose one of the A-Frame safety ladders. If you do plan on building a deck around your pool, choose from either the “In Pool Steps” or “Deck ladders.”  If you like the features of In-Pool Steps but will not be installing a deck around your pool, a Ladder-Step Combination will do the job.

Pool Cove / Liner Pad / Wall Foam

Liner Floor Pad

Installation items like pool cove, liner floor pad, and wall foam are products that will help extend the life of your above ground pool. These products will also make the installation process easier and more effective. Again, click on the “Help Me Choose” and magnifying glass links to view all of the added benefits of using pool cove, liner floor pad, and wall foam when installing your pool.

Mineral Water Systems

The Frog Pool Tender Fresh Mineral Water System utilizes natural minerals and low amounts of chlorine to sanitize your pool. Natural minerals condition the water for softness so it’s easier on you and your pool while taking less than 15 minutes per week to maintain the system. The Frog Pool Tender replacement Chlorine Chambers are pre-filled for simple maintenance and are also recyclable. The Frog Pool Tender Fresh Mineral Water System is safe to use with any pool model and can also be used with a Saltwater Series pool instead of a saltwater system.

Saltwater Systems

Saltwater Systems are recommended for use with our Saltwater Series pool models.  These saltwater pools are built with special components to resist the corrosion issues associated with saltwater and are warrantied for saltwater use. In this section you’ll notice many saltwater system options, from the economical drop-in Solaxx Saltron Retro Saltwater Chlorine Generator to the enhanced In-Line Retro Jet Saltwater Chlorine Generator. All of these Saltwater Systems will effectively convert the dissolved salt in the pool water into chlorine, eliminating the need for any chlorinated products. Review all of the available information in this section to choose the correct saltwater system for your specific pool size. If you add a Saltwater System to your pool package, it would also be a great idea to add the Saltwater Series Chemical Kit to your pool package as well. This Saltwater Series Chemical Kit contains all of the necessary chemicals and test kits to maintain a pool utilizing a Saltwater System.

Chemicals and Pool Cleaning Equipment

At the “Chemicals” and “Pool Cleaning” sections you will find the chlorine chemical packages that include everything you need to keep your pool water crystal clear. The 8 Piece Pool Chemical Maintenance Kit is strongly recommended if you are adding the Frog Pool Tender Mineral System to your pool package. This Chemical Kit includes all of the necessary chemicals needed to maintain and balance your pool water while utilizing a Frog Pool Tender Mineral System. Under the “Pool Cleaning” section, you can select the 5-Piece Deluxe pool cleaning kit that includes a vacuum head, vacuum hose, wall brush, leaf net skimmer, and telescopic pole to help remove unwanted debris and leaves from your swimming pool.

Automatic Pool Cleaners/Vacuums

If you’re looking for something maintenance-free take a look at this next section, Automatic Pool Cleaners/Vacuums. Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaners, such as the Pentair Lil Shark, effectively vacuum the floor of your pool. These automatic cleaners connect to the thru-wall skimmer of your swimming pool and operate directly off of your filtration system, saving you time and energy. These automatic cleaners will work with any type of filtration system and pool model you choose, except pools with expandable liners.

Robotic Pool Cleaners, such as the Elix Rechargeable Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, require no hose attachments or complex connections. This provides you with an easy and hassle free set up. Its jet propelled system will clean the floor of your pool in as little as 1 hour. They also include durable filter bags that are easy to access and simple to clean. Add a robotic pool cleaner to your saltwater pool package and you’ll enjoy the most efficient way to keep your saltwater pool free of debris.

Pool Covers

Most people will need a winter cover for their pool to properly close the pool at the end of the pool season. The Super Heavy XXtreme Winter Cover is the best quality cover available and strongly recommended where winter months are extremely harsh. Click on the “Help Me Choose” link to select the right winter cover for your pool package.

A Leaf Net Cover is a highly effective and simple way to keep leaves and other debris from mixing with the water collected on top of your winter pool cover. It can also be used year round keeping your pool water free from any leaves and unwanted debris.

Solar Covers will help warm your pool water and prevent heat loss without raising your utility bills. These covers simply float on top of the pool water and can be used in conjunction with a gas heater or heat pump to help retain the warm water. It’s a great idea to add a solar cover to your pool package to help extend your swimming season.

A Solar Cover Reel is an excellent and convenient product to add to your pool package if you’re purchasing a solar cover. A solar cover reel makes it easy for one person to operate by simply pulling the solar cover onto the pool or reeling the solar cover off the pool.

Pool Lights

Multi-Color LED Pool RETURN Light
Multi-Color LED Skimmer Face Plate

A Pool Light can enhance beauty and nighttime enjoyment for swimming pool owners.

The Multi-Color LED Pool RETURN Light With Remote Control (left), easily installs onto the water return jet and produces beautiful vibrant colors in your saltwater pool. It features a remote control used for operation and a 12-volt outdoor transformer.

The Multi-Color LED Skimmer Face Plate Light With Remote Control (right) lights up the pool with a powerful LED light. You can change the colors with the included remote control. It is very easy to install as it snaps directly onto your existing widemouth skimmer face plate.


Aquapro Eco 550 heat pump

Natural Gas and Propane Pool Heaters require either a natural gas line or a propane tank to operate and heat your pool. These gas heaters allow you to set your desired temperature and extend your swimming season to swim in comfort. The higher the BTU’s on the pool heater the quicker the pool water will heat. Click on the magnifying glass to view all specifications on these gas pool heaters.

Electric heat pumps, such as the AquaPro Eco550, provide continuous heat to your pool while operating extremely efficiently. They require a dedicated 220-volt electrical line to operate and include digital thermostat controllers to make it easy to set your desired pool water temperature.

Solar Heaters, such as the Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater, gradually warms your pool water and installs directly in-line with your filtration system. This solar heater relies on the sun to warm your pool water and doesn’t require any gas or electrical lines. Multiple units can be linked together for larger pools and faster heating.

There are other additional accessories that you can add to your pool package such as a Ladder Mat, Pool Timer, Pool Alarm, and Winterizing Items. These items are available at a discounted price when you purchase them with the swimming pool package. A thru-wall skimmer and water return jet will be included with your pool package at no additional cost.

Once you’ve finished customizing your pool package, simply click “Add to Cart” and you’re ready to purchase your custom above ground pool package.

  • May 7, 2020 at 1:15 AM
    Virginia Parras

    Would like more info. I’m interested in a pool oval 18 – 40. Pice installment and if there is a payment plane. Live in Kingsville Texas.

  • May 17, 2020 at 1:19 PM
    Mejvis Minichiello

    I am looking to install a poll in 42 Waring Drive , Carmel, NY . Thank you, Mejvis (857)544-4973

  • June 14, 2020 at 8:44 PM
    Alok kumar

    Does above ground pool requires same county permits and restrictions

  • June 22, 2020 at 7:17 PM
    mike brinkman

    how soon can I get 18*40 above ground pool

  • June 23, 2020 at 6:31 PM
    Penny Poste

    Wondering what is in stock that’s 20-24’ c 52” deep, Have left messages just anxious to hear from you I understand you are busy just wasn’t sure what you had in stock

  • March 11, 2021 at 10:52 AM

    Is a pool that is sitting on top of the ground but surrounded by a deck considered semi in ground or in ground? (No earth around it at all)
    How about one that is inset on the side of a hill that sits on top of solid ground and has earth along the back side & deck around the rest ?
    (Hill has a natural ledge midway)
    (Gives the appearance of being dug into the side of the hill as opposed to sitting on top of the hill)

  • May 24, 2021 at 4:12 PM
    Kenneth Weakland

    We have I think the largest above ground pool on it’s 24 ft diameter by 52 inches deep. We have a Hayward pump but we need a filtering system to attach to. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on a affordable good filtering system?


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