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How To Close Your Swimming Pool With The Frog Pool Tender System

Closing a pool with the Frog Pool Tender System at seasons end should be a fast and worry-free process - learn how.
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Closing a pool with the pool frog system at season’s end should be an easy and worry-free process. Our pool specialists at The Pool Factory™ have put together the following tutorial to ensure you properly close a pool with the pool frog system at season’s end.

Recommended Pool Closing Supplies

Winterizing Closing Kit For Chlorinated, Pool Frog, & Saltwater Pools Up To 25,000 Gallons
Skimmer Closure Plate
Return Fitting Winter Plug
Ice Compensator (Air Pillow)
Winter Cover
Filter System Winter Cover

Cover Pumps are strongly recommended to keep excess water from building up on your cover. Excess water on your cover means excess stress and a torn cover or damaged pool.

Steps to Close a Pool With The Pool Frog System


Clean and vacuum pool.


Check and adjust PH and Alkalinity.

Pool Frog - Pool & Spa Test Kit (50 Strips)

Test with greater accuracy for your Frog® chemicals. These test strips quickly and easily test for your Total Chlorine/Bromine, Free Chlorine, PH and Total Alkalinity.

Pool and Spa Test Kit
Winterizing Closing Kit For Chlorinated, Pool Frog, & Saltwater Pools Up To 25,000 Gallons

This Winter Closing Kit contains everything you need to close your pool this fall. Designed to treat pools up to 25,000 gallons. It is safe for use with chlorinated pools, saltwater pools, and pools using Pool Frog systems.


Run filter for at least 1 hour.

AquaPro Pool Pump
  • If you have a standard size thru-wall skimmer, attach a standard skimmer winterizing plate by removing ONLY the 6 screws corresponding to the 6 holes in the plate.
  • If you have a widemouth thru-wall skimmer, attach a widemouth skimmer winterizing plate by removing ONLY the 10 screws corresponding to the 10 holes in the plate.
  • It is not required to lower the water level below the skimmer opening when you are installing the skimmer winterizing plate. In areas with harsh winters a water level at or slightly below the skimmer level would be sufficient.

Do not remove skimmer face plate.

Pool Skimmer Cover/Plates

Prevents ice damage to your thru-wall skimmer and pool wall. Plate comes complete with screws and gasket, and installs over the existing skimmer face plate. Available for standard or widemouth thru-wall skimmers.

Skimmer Cover Plate

Plug your return fitting in the inside (water side) of pool with a threaded winterizing plug. If you have an Aqualuminator light, it should also be plugged in the inside (water side) of pool, using a winterizing plug for the Aqualuminator light. Make sure that the plug is pushed in all the way. The plug must be flush in the light housing. Dip plug into pool water to lubricate if necessary.

IMPORTANT: All pool lights, such as the InnovaLite, Multi-Color LED Pool RETURN Light, and the Multi-Color LED Skimmer Face Plate Light should be removed from the swimming pool and stored indoors.
How to open a saltwater swimming pool step 4

Inflate air pillow (leaving soft) and fasten, allowing it to float in the center of the pool.


Drape the winter cover over the air pillow so it lays on the surface of the water all around the pillow.


Add 1-2 inches of water on the cover to prevent wind damage.


Empty and clean your filter and Pool Frog System, and remove all of the drain plugs in the filter tank and pump. This will allow the filter system to completely drain out any water and dry before storing indoors in a warm dry area. You also have the option to use an Aquapro Filter System Winter Cover to protect the filter system from the fall and winter elements if left outside.


Store all filters and equipment in warm dry places to prevent cracking. Drain excess water off cover during winter months to prevent damage to your pool.

Additional Tips

Excess water on the cover can also tear your liner. The weight of the water will cause more movement in the ice below, which can rip your liner. Never attempt to break ice on your cover or in your pool. This will tear your liner. Wait for the ice on your cover to melt and then pump it off. Ice below the cover should be left alone. Let it melt on its own. Never let anyone step on the ice, cover or on the pool. This will damage your pool.

Too much water on the cover can destroy your pool if not drained off. The weight of the water pulls the cover into the pool. The cable, which holds the cover in place, will then pull the top ledges, the skimmer and the return up. This will damage the pool beyond repair. Your warranty does not cover winter damage.

As water, ice and snow build up on your pool cover during the winter, always drain the cover when possible using a cover pump.

(If needed) Blow out excess water in the pool heater using an air compressor or shop vac and plug inlet and outlet lines of heater.

AquaPro Automatic Pool Cover Pump 3,000GPH W/ Leaf Protector APC4000A

The AquaPro Cover Pump is the finest pool cover pump ever designed. Features a powerful 110 volt 3,000 GPH automatic submersible pump with a specifically designed strainer base.

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