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How To Choose The Correct Ladder or Step For Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Pool Factory™ stocks a large selection of above ground swimming pool ladders/steps. There are four main types of Pool Ladders/Steps: A-Frame Ladders, Deck Ladders, In-Pool Steps, and Ladder-Step Combinations.
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Disclaimer: Pool Ladders/Steps must be installed in accordance with all local and state codes and you must follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and procedures.

A-Frame Safety Ladder

A-Frame Safety Ladders are are great options to install on above ground pools (without a deck). These ladders are self-supporting ladders that have two front and two rear side rails. Additionally, there are steps (smaller treads) on the inside and outside of the swimming pool between the side rails. Overall, the A-Frame ladders are an economical and safe choice as an entry system for your swimming pool.

Deck Ladder

Deck Ladders are an economical and space saving choice when installing a deck around an above ground or semi-inground pool. The ladder can then attach to the deck for access into your swimming pool. A benefit of the Deck Ladder is that they do not have a large footprint and will not protrude far into the swimming pool. This is a great choice for use with any size swimming swimming pool with a deck.

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In-Pool Step

In-Pool Steps are installed around an above ground or semi-inground pool with a deck (similar to Deck Ladders). The benefit of an In-Pool Step is that they consist of wider treads and handrails for a sturdy and safe entrance/exit into and out of your swimming pool.

Ladder-Step Combination

If you like the features of In-Pool Steps but will not be installing a deck around your pool, a Ladder-Step Combination is a great choice! These systems allow you to have inground style steps in the water and an above ground ladder on the outside of the swimming pool.

Above Ground Pool Ladders

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