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How To Find and Repair A Leak In Your Swimming Pool

If you find a leak in your swimming pool, it is possible to fix the liner with a repair kit. This way you will not have to buy a new one, saving you money.
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Did you discover that you have a leak in your swimming pool? Don’t sweat it! Pool Liner patch kits are available here at The Pool Factory that will leave your pool liner even stronger than it was before. These Patch Kits are very easy to use and save you the cost of having to buy a brand new pool liner.

HydroTools Vinyl Repair Kit

This simple patch kit comes with a 5-7/8” x 23” vinyl patch along with a 2 oz. bottle of adhesive and an applicator. If you have discovered a tear or hole in your pool liner before it is installed, you can place a patch on both sides for extra protection from a leak in your swimming pool. This may be caused by opening the pool liner box with a razor or dragging your pool liner across the yard when you are first laying it out. If you noticed the hole after your above ground pool already is filled with water, do not worry. This patch works underwater as well.

Installation Instructions


Cleaning the Surface

All surfaces to be patched must be cleaned thoroughly.

Hydrotools vinyl repair kit installation instructions step 1

Cutting the Patch

The patch should be cut larger than the area being repaired. Patches should always be cut with round corners.

Hydrotools vinyl repair kit installation instructions step 2

Applying the Adhesive

Apply adhesive liberally to entire patch. Cover the entire patch evenly.

Hydrotools vinyl repair kit installation instructions step 3

Applying the Patch (Underwater)

After applying the glue to the patch, fold the patch upon itself. Keep patch folded until you reach the area to be patched then open the patch and apply immediately. Be sure to squeeze out all excess air and water bubbles, apply weight if possible.

Hydrotools vinyl repair kit installation instructions step 5

Applying the Patch (Out of Water)

Apply patch to damaged area, be sure to press out all air bubbles. If possible apply weight to patch and allow 24 hours for adhesive to bond completely.

Hydrotools vinyl repair kit installation instructions step 4

Wait 24 Hours

For adhesive to bond completely this will repair the leak in your swimming pool.

Hydrotools vinyl repair kit installation instructions step 6
Vinyl Liner Patch Kit

can be applied under water or above water. It repairs cuts, rips and pinholes. Quick and very easy to use!

Vinyl Liner Patch Kit

HydroTools Peel & Patch Repair Kit For Vinyl Liners

This liner patch kit is very similar to the HydroTools Vinyl Repair Kit and it can also work underwater. The difference is that instead of having to cut out sections of a vinyl patch and apply glue, the sections are already cut for you and there is no need to apply any glue. After you peel off the back of the patch, it will be sticky enough to place right on any hole or tear to fix the leak in your swimming pool.

Installation Instructions


Clean area thoroughly where repair is to be made.


Remove paper backing, place over hole, and PRESS DOWN FIRMLY.

Peel & Patch Kit Liner Repair Kit

Use this kit on pool inflatables, or anything else made of vinyl! Simply clean the area that needs to be repaired, pull off the paper backing and stick on. Like a band-aid for your pool liner!

Peel & Patch Kit Liner Repair Kit

Leakmaster Flexible Sealer Permanent Bond

The Leakmaster Flexible Sealer Permanent Bond kit works well to fix small pinholes in your pool liner. It can be applied underwater and is very easy to apply. The kit can also be used as a glue to bond vinyl patches to the liner.

Installation Instructions


All surfaces must be clean. (Flexible Sealer may be applied underwater)


For vinyl repair, position nozzle so it is touching the vinyl surface.


Squirt a small bead directly on leak, push nozzle against liner to separate sealant from nozzle.


After skin has formed press down to “flatten”.


For larger leaks apply directly to vinyl patch then firmly press over leak, pushing excess material to edge of patch.

Leakmaster Flexible Sealer Underwater Patch Kit

Repair leaks above or below water in vinyl and concrete pools with this easy to use Nitrile rubber-based sealant.

Leakmaster - Flexible Sealer
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