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D.E. Pool Filter System Winterization Steps

Properly winterizing your D.E. Pool Filter System will ensure it will last a very long time. This guide will walk you through the process step by step.
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Once a year a D.E. pool filter system (Diatomaceous Earth) should be thoroughly cleaned to get the best possible performance and operation out of the pool filter year after year.  Above ground pool owners should take the time to meticulously clean their D.E. pool filter system at the end of the pool season. This process is especially important with a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) pool filter for it to not only function properly, but to also ensure the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) pool filter upholds its reputation – crystal clear filtration!

Winterize Your D.E. Pool Filter System

Follow these steps to properly winterize your D.E. pool filter system at season’s end:


Turn off and unplug the pool pump.


Close off the thru-wall skimmer and return by covering with the winterizing plate and plug. (Refer to steps #6 and #7 in the following article: How To Close Your Above Ground Pool)


In a slow downward motion and a rapid upward motion, move the bump handle up and down 7-10 times.


Open shutoff valve at the bottom of the tank (or remove drain plug if no shutoff valve) and allow water to drain while continuing to “bump” the pool filter.


Detach all pool hoses and connections and completely remove the water from the filter system.


Remove the tank cover and open the filter tank by removing all bolts. Some D.E. pool filters will have one bolt and a clamp that needs to be removed.


Rinse the inside of the tank bottom and the internal components (most D.E. pool filters will utilize “fingers”, grids, or cartridges).


Again thoroughly rinse off the parts and re-assemble the pool filter tank by re-installing all removed parts and reconnecting all removed bolts.

Storing Your (Diatomaceous Earth) D.E. Pool Filter System

It is best to store all pool filter components in a dry place for the winter if possible. The pool pump is the only component that MUST be kept in a dry, mild temperature area. If storage space is an issue, the pool filter tank and base may be kept outdoors for the winter but they should be completely drained of all water and it is recommended they be covered and kept out of the sun.

Following this procedure each year will without a doubt keep your D.E. pool filter system running in tip top shape and extend the overall lifespan of your pool filter and pool pump.

Hayward Perflex EC40 D.E. Filter System

This filter system provides superior water clarity and simple maintenance at an economical price. D.E. filters use a fine white powder (Diatomaceous Earth) to capture all dirt, removing microscopic dust and pollen as small as one micron.

D.E. Filter System

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