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How To Create a Basic Above Ground Pool Package

Let us help you customize your above ground pool package as we walk you through all the necessary accessories.
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How to Build the Perfect Above Ground Pool Package

Building an above ground pool package at ThePoolFactory.com has never been easier with our ‘Customize This Pool’ button! We designed our website’s customization page with you in mind, making the process as simple as possible. All the information you need to build the perfect above ground pool package is just a couple of clicks away.

Selecting Your Pool Size

The first thing you need to do is measure the space in your yard where you would like your above ground pool to go. This will give you an idea of the size you would be able to fit in your yard. Keep in mind that all pool sizes indicate the inside dimensions of the pool. The pools will require a bit more space to install depending on the model and shape.

For example, a 12’x24’x52” Cameo Oval above ground pool requires 15’2”X25’ of space. Round models typically require one extra foot of space. This means a 24’ Cameo Round pool needs 25’ of space to be installed. All of this information about the space required is readily available on our website under each pools “Specifications” section.

Oval Outside Dimensions
Round Outside Dimensions
Please refer to the Approximate outside dimensions (space required) measurement listed under ‘Specifications’ for the pool model you are interested in. Dimensions will vary based on the model and size you are looking at.
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Choosing The Correct Pool Model

Now that you know what size above ground pool is right for your yard, you need to select a model that fits your preferences. You need to ask yourself certain questions to help narrow down your choices.

Questions such as:

Would you like to use a saltwater system with the pool?  Click here to read our article comparing Chlorinated VS Saltwater Pools. 

Do you want to install an above ground pool or a semi in-ground pool?

Saltwater 8000 Oval Pool Above Ground
Intrepid Oval Pool Semi Inground

Do you prefer the more durable resin top ledge or would you like to go with something more economical that has a steel top ledge?

Resin Top Ledge on Signature RTL
Steel Top Ledge on Cameo

Would you like the standard 52” height or a slightly taller 54” above ground pool  model?

Customer Spotlight: Christopher D. #01
52" Hampton Oval
Customer Spotlight: Hector C. #04
Saltwater LX Round Pool

Whatever you are looking for, we have the right pool for you!

Creating a Custom Pool Package

Once you choose the size and model, the next step would be to actually build the package. You simply have to hit the “Customize” button next to the pool you are interested in. This will bring up the Pool Customization Page, where all the items you want to include with your pool will be there for you to choose from. When you customize your pool with us, all of the choices will be suitable for the size pool you are purchasing – you cannot make a mistake.

Features within our Pool Customization Page

Product Details – If you need some more information about an item, click the magnifying glass to the right of the Product Title to get a more detailed description.

Help Me Choose – Are you not sure what the difference is between products categories (ex. Overlap Liner vs. a Unibead Liner)? Select the “Help Me Choose” link which appears at the bottom of that category. That will show you the differences between the items/categories.

Begin to create your custom Pool Package

The first product you can choose once entering the Pool Customization Page is your pool liner. All the pools we sell INCLUDE a 20 gauge blue liner, but here you have the ability to upgrade your pool liner to a thicker gauge and also choose a print that you like. (Scroll your mouse over the pictures to see an enlarged view of the print).

Add a Filter System

Every above ground pool needs a filter system to clear out debris in the water. There are 3 types of filter systems to choose from, but you only need to choose one:

Cartridge Filter Systems

Cartridge filters require the least amount of maintenance (backwashing not required).

Sand Filter Systems

A Sand Filter System would be the most economical (Filter sand only needs replacing every 5-10 years).

D.E. Filter Systems

D.E. filters require a bit more maintenance than the rest (backwashing + adding more D.E. powder each time), but offer superior water quality.

Add a Ladder System

In order to get in and out of you pool, you will need a ladder. Choosing a ladder depends on how your backyard setup is going to be. If you are keeping your pool above ground and do not plan on building a deck around your pool, you can choose from one of the A-Frame ladders. If you do plan on building a deck around your pool, choose from either the “In Pool Steps” or “Deck ladders.”  If you like the features of In-Pool Steps but will not be installing a deck around your pool, a Ladder-Step Combination will do the job.

Essential Items For Your Pool

The last essential part of your pool package will be under the “Chemicals and Maintenance” section. Here you can find basic chlorine chemical packages that include everything you need to keep you water clean. Also, you will want to choose the Deluxe Pool Cleaning Kit 5-Piece. This includes a vacuum head and hose, leaf net skimmer, pole and a wall scrubber.

There are many other additional items that you can add once you are on the customization page. Pool lights, heaters, winter and solar covers, automatic vacuums and robotic cleaners, just to name a few. Alternative sanitizing systems will work with any pool while Saltwater Systems should only be used with our saltwater compatible models (Saltwater 5000, Saltwater 8000, Saltwater LX, Saltwater Aurora and Intrepid).



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