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Comparing the Frog Pool Tender Water Care System to a Saltwater System

The Frog Pool Tender Mineral system and a Saltwater System are two alternative sanitizing methods that can be used instead of regular chlorine. Read our comparison below to find which system will work best for you.
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Choosing an alternative sanitizing method to clean your pool can seem like a daunting task with all the choices available. Here we compare two of the most popular types.

Both the Frog Pool Tender Water Care System and Salt Chlorine Generator Systems are both fantastic ways to have easier maintained pools with more efficient chlorine use and healthier water. Each system also has their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the style of above ground pool, and if it was designed (and warrantied) to be able withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater, the ability to have a system that will dramatically decrease chlorine levels and/or eliminate the harmful effects of chlorine, is just a decision away.

Frog Pool Tender Water Care System

Pool Tender utilizes the proven technology of FROG minerals and small amounts of chlorine to combine in making a minimal maintenance sanitation system. The Cycler is the main housing of the Frog Pool Tender System that holds both the Mineral Chamber and the Chlorine Chamber. The patented control dial on the front of the Cycler lets you manage the amount of water flowing through the system. Water is circulated upward into the Mineral Chamber and Chlorine Chamber simultaneously. The erosion design of the system continuously dispenses chlorine at a precise low level (only 0.5 is needed). Once you’ve determined the correct setting for your pool, weeks can pass without having to add or manage any additional chemicals.


The complete Frog Pool Tender Water Care System allows you to cut chlorine use by up to 50%.

The pre-filled Chlorine chamber is then inserted into the Mineral Chamber dispensing low levels of chlorine for 1-3 weeks.

No extra plumbing. No electricity.

Eliminates storage and purchase of big chlorine buckets.

Mineral Chamber will last the full season or up to 6 months

Frog Pool Tender Water Care System will not cause corrosion

Frog Pool Tender Cyclers have a 10 year warranty


In comparison to a Saltwater System, the Frog Pool Tender requires some additional maintenance. The Chlorine Chamber must be replaced every 2-3 weeks. Since chlorine tablets are still being used to supplement the cleaning process, the negative effects of chlorine, although minimal, are still present.

Saltwater Systems

As salt chlorine generators become more popular the misconception of how they function seems to grow. We hear tag lines like “no chlorine” and “salt water pool”, and about salt cells and salt generators and salt chlorinators, and with all the titles combined it leads to an overall confusion of exactly how a salt water system can benefit the average above ground pool owner.
There is no doubt that a salt water system makes for a safer, more comfortable, easier maintained pool. Many of the benefits that people hear are entirely true, but one misconception is that with a saltwater system, the pool is now chlorine free. Chlorine is still the compound that does the sanitizing in a salt water pool.

This self-contained purification system utilizes a natural process to generate pure chlorine. The electrolytic process uses a very low concentration of salt and generates free chlorine. The chlorine continuously kills bacteria and algae and then reverts back to salt. This indefinite cycle leaves the water feeling silky, soft, refreshing and sparkling clear. Saltwater Systems are easy to install, economical, and fully automatic.

Saltwater pools are generally guaranteed to be better made. The corrosive aspects of salt require the pool to be constructed of more durable, longer lasting material that is not susceptible to corrosion. Simply put, a Saltwater model pool will have higher quality parts in the places that matter most. Resin (high quality plastic) is used for the tracks, top ledges, and top and bottom joiners to ensure this pool will not rust due to the added salt. Even if you decide not to use a saltwater generator, a Saltwater model pool is a great, long lasting choice.


Easiest regular maintenance available for swimming pool sanitation

Included control box, salt cell, union connections, and adapters make for an easy installation

Generates only the “good” chlorine or free chlorine without the harmful byproducts

Eliminates storage and purchase of big chlorine buckets

Automatically cleans the cell by periodically reversing polarity

Ability to super chlorinate allows for a quicker clean up after heavy use

1-year manufacturer’s warranty on most systems


Though the disadvantages are few, make sure the pool is saltwater compatible and is warrantied by the manufacturer for saltwater use. The initial cost of the system can be daunting also but once a pool owner realizes the benefits the cost will soon be forgotten.

Overall both systems are great choices if the goal is to have a pool that is easier to maintain, cost efficient, and uses less chlorine. Since saltwater systems require a specially designed above ground pool, they are a great option for the new above ground pool owner or someone looking to replace their old above ground pool with a new one. They offer mindlessly easy functionality with minimal additional cost over the years. The Frog Pool Tender Water Care System is functional with all pools and at a lower initial cost for just a little more maintenance in comparison. Both are manufactured by extremely reputable brands and have the positive reviews to support them. Whichever you choose you will happy with the time and money you save over the years.

Frog Pool Tender Fresh Mineral Water System Package

The Frog Pool Tender system delivers a unique bacteria-killing combination: sanitizing minerals plus a very low level of chlorine. The result is Fresh Mineral Water∞ that gives you Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and Easier® water to maintain. Using fresh minerals means you use way less chlorine. Chambers are prefilled so there’s no mess, no guess, no stress.

Solaxx Saltron Retro Jet RJ Saltwater Chlorine Generator

Specifically made for Above Ground Swimming Pools, The Solaxx Retro Jet system produces a pure, elemental form of chlorine by electrolysis of salt added to the pool water. After the salt is converted to chlorine and bacteria has been killed, the chlorine reverts back to salt and this process is ongoing.

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