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Common Pool Frog Installation Questions

These are some of the common questions that may come up before installing the Pool Frog system on your above ground pool.
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Common Installation Questions

Can I install an above ground unit on an in ground pool?

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Yes, up to 25,000 gallons. See the installation options in the above ground manual.

Can I use Teflon tape to install?

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Teflon tape may only be used only on our above ground units. Pipe thread sealant should be used on all in ground installations as these ports are tapped (rough) which makes the tape bunch up causing leaks.

Do I need a check valve?

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The check valve should be considered if a heater is installed to protect it from chlorine backwash when the pump turns off.

How far should the cycler be installed from the heater?

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Always install the chemical system last in the order of equipment, so it is the closest to the pool return and leave as much space between it and the heater to avoid corrosion. A check valve is also highly recommended between the system and the heater.

What installation parts are not included?

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A check valve is recommended to prevent chlorinated water from backing up into the heater when the pump is off. Above ground units will also need a hose adapter, one section of 1 1/2″ flex hose and Teflon tape while in ground units will need PVC primer and cement as well as pipe thread sealant.

What should my back pressure be?

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Ideal back pressure is 4-8 psi. Simply adjust the eyeball fitting in the return jet to a smaller or larger size to increase or decrease back pressure.

What tools are needed for Pool Frog installation?

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All pool units require a screwdriver and pipe wrench along with Teflon tape or pipe thread sealant and/or cement and primer. In-line installations will also need a hacksaw and tape measure, and off-line installations need a drill with 5/8″ or 19/32″ bit.

When would a special installation be required?

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When water flow is higher than 80 gpm, an in-floor cleaner is installed; the pool and spa share common equipment, or solar heating is present. These features create a spike in the pressure when they come on that can crack the chemical system cap or cause over chlorination. Bypassing these features will help alleviate this problem.

For additional questions or troubleshooting,  go to King Technology’s diagnose a problem website:  http://www.kingtechnology.com/water-care/diagnose-a-problem/

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