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Best Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

Pool Covers are an essential part of protecting your pool. We have all the recommendations you'll need - Learn More
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When purchasing one of the best above ground winter pool covers, customers are faced with many different choices for closing their pools. A solid woven, water tight cover is the most common for closing an above ground pool. Understanding the importance of quality, realistic lifespan expectations of the cover, sizing, and attachment design are all important in deciding which cover is right for you.

Quality – The quality of the weave and the number of weaves per square inch generally describe the durability of the cover. The higher the number, the better the quality. A cover expected to last one season usually has an 8×8 weave per square inch while a better quality cover lasting five seasons or more would be 14×14 weave. Some pool owners would rather purchase a cover each season without taking the time to clean and store it over the summer. Others understand that a higher quality cover will not only last longer, but also be less likely to rip or tear throughout the winter.



Super Heavy XXtreme Winter Cover

The heaviest above ground winter pool cover available. 2-3x thicker than most above ground winter pool covers. Highly resistant to punctures, tears, chlorine stains and other chemical stains.

Ultimate Guard Winter Cover

Solid heavy duty cover with durable, heavy-stitch black binding on the border to prevent from tearing.

Supreme Guard Winter Cover

Mid-weight cover with all the features of our heavier cover.

Size – All of the best above ground pool covers sold at The Pool Factory are made to be 3-4 feet larger on each side, length and width. For example, a 12’x18’ cover would actually be cut 16’x22’ to allow proper fitting when attaching to the pool. A 24’ round cover would measure 28’x28’.

Attachment Design – Most of the best above ground winter pool covers have grommets around the entire perimeter to easily attach to the pool using a cable and a winch. In the case where there is a deck around the pool, it is recommended to use water tubes to weigh down the cover on the portion that extends onto the deck.

Warranty Length – Warranty lengths are a good way to determine the quality of a pool cover. The longer the warranty length, the longer a cover is expected to last. Warranties are always provided by the manufacturer and are pro-rated warranties. Depending on geographic location and weather conditions throughout the winter, the lifespan of the cover can vary greatly.

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Recommended Additions

Pool Cover Clips – Pool cover clips are designed to work in conjunction with a cable and a winch attachment. They add support by clipping the pool cover to the top ledge of the pool to prevent flapping in windy conditions and to keep the cover tight around the pool. Cover clips will not work with certain model pools as their top ledges are too thick. Be sure to double check before ordering cover clips that they are right for you.

Cover Clips - Deluxe (Blue) Set Of 10

These easy-to-use, 1-piece clips snap directly to pool top rail to keep cover secure and prevent snaps and rips.

Winter Cover Sealer – This is an inexpensive way to keep debris out of your pool and secure your pool cover in stronger winds. Similar to saran wrap, the heavy-duty material allows you to tighten the pool cover completely around your pool, without only relying on the cable. The winter cover sealer comes with 500 feet of sealer ensures that you will have enough to last more than one season.

Horizon Winter Cover Sealer

Horizon Winter Cover Sealer is is a simple solution to wind getting under your winter cover and causing damage and premature wear and tear.

Cover Pump – Invest in a cover pump! Cover pumps are specifically designed for removing water off the top of pool covers. The accumulation of rain water on top of your cover will put extra stress on the cover and may cause it to tear. A cover pump will alleviate this stress and make your cover last longer.

AquaPro Automatic Pool Cover Pump 3,000GPH W/ Leaf Protector APC4000A

The AquaPro Cover Pump is a high quality, fully automatic cover pump with 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Features a powerful 110 volt 3000 GPH automatic submersible pump with a specifically designed strainer base.

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