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Best Above Ground Pool Liners

The Pool Factory™ stocks a large selection of above ground swimming pool liners manufactured with the best quality virgin vinyl.
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The Pool Factory carries the highest quality liners available in the above ground pool industry. Our customers love our selection of beautifully printed liners that come in a number of different styles. The above ground pool liners listed below are our best quality and most popular prints!

Bahama Blue

The Bahama Blue Liner features a colorful mosaic tile design at the waterline and a multi-colored blue swirl pattern throughout. This Overlap Liner is a popular choice for customers purchasing an above ground swimming pool or for customers replacing the liner in their existing pool.

The Bahama Blue Liner is made from heavy duty virgin vinyl. These liners contain UV inhibitors to protect against damage from sunlight, bacteria, and chemicals. This attractive pool liner is produced by Ocean Blue Water Products and it’s backed by a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.


The Bluestone Liner is another Overlap remarkable option when selecting a pool liner for your above ground swimming pool. The top border features a staggered tile pattern unlike any other liner choice with a blue swirl pattern for the walls/floor.

Swimline’s overlap liners are made to last. These liners are made of extra heavy duty virgin vinyl, with super strong welded seams to last long winters and hot summers. Swimline uses computerized cutting tables and a computer aided design to make their liners, eliminating the risk of human error. Whether it’s design, pattern or fit, these quality liners are unbeatable.


The Catalina Liner is a distinctive pattern that our customers love! This design is one of our best sellers and is available in many pool sizes.

Swimline manufacturer’s their liners with the best quality virgin vinyl. A 20 gauge Swimline liner is considered standard for vinyl liners and has a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. A 25 gauge liner is thicker and more durable compared to a 20 gauge liner and features a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. Swimline’s 30 Gauge and 40 Gauge liners are the heaviest and most durable liners available and they both feature a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Beach Haven

Customer Spotlight: Hector C. #04

The Beach Haven Liner is a one-of-a-kind design that makes you feel like you are at the beach! The seashell tile pattern creates a welcoming environment for anyone looking to cool off in the summer sun.

A Unibead application, like the Beach Haven Liner, allows for the liner to hang directly on the top of the pool wall (utilizing an integrated j-hook at the top of the liner). This liner installation gives a straight decorative border at the top of the liner (no overhang on the outside of the swimming pool).


The Intrepid Beaded Liner features a unique blue diamond design to make your swimming pool stand out. Mainly sold with the Intrepid Pool Models, this is one of the top selling liners at The Pool Factory!

A Beaded Liner is manufactured to fit into bead receiver track (not included). Additionally, this 40 Gauge liner is for pools with a wall height of 54″ only.

Above Ground Pool Liners

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