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Benefits of Using an Aquapro Filter System Winter Cover

The AquaPro Above Ground Pool Filtration Equipment Cover protects and extends the life of your filtration system.
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Protect Your Investment

The AquaPro Filter System Winter Cover offers a great way to protect your filter system from the outdoor elements during the fall and winter months. Using a filter system winter cover will extend the life of your investment and prevent exposure from harmful UV light, acid rain and debris.


First, you must make sure your filter system and pump are completely drained. Any water left inside your filter system can freeze, expand and damage your filter system.

  • Remove the drain plugs on your filter tank and pump and allow all of the water to drain out
  • Remove the filter hoses that are connected to the pool
  • Remove the cartridge/element from your cartridge or DE filter

The installation of the filter system winter cover is quick and easy using the Velcro side seams and elastic bottom. Once the filter system is drained simply place the cover over the entire filter system and attach the seams together using the Velcro straps. The heavy duty waterproof polyester material that the cover is made of will keep unwanted water and debris from entering the filter system and prevent damage to the system.

Choosing the Correct Size Filter Cover

The following table contains the filter systems available at The Pool Factory and the recommended size of the filter system winter cover that should be purchased with the filter system.

Filter SystemAquapro Filter System Winter Cover Size
AquaPro 190, 200, and 250 SQ. FT. Cartridge Filter SystemsLarge
AquaPro 19" & 24" Sand Filter SystemsLarge
AquaPro DE72 D.E Filter SystemLarge
Hayward EC-50 D.E. Filter SystemLarge
Hayward S180T, 210T, 230T Sand Filter SystemsLarge
Hydrotools 19", 22", 24" Sand Filter SystemsLarge
Hydrotools 1.5HP Cartridge Filter SystemLarge
Pentair CC75 & CC125 Cartridge Filter SystemsLarge
Hayward XStream 100 & 150 Cartridge Filter SystemsLarge
Hayward EC-40 D.E. Filter SystemSmall
Hayward S166T Sand Filter SystemSmall
Hydrotools 16" Sand Filter SystemSmall
AquaPro 120 SQ. FT. Cartridge Filter SystemSmall
AquaPro Filter System Winter Cover

The AquaPro Filter System Cover is designed to protect your above ground filtration system from debris, acid rain, and block UV light. Quick and easy fit with elastic bottom and (4) Velcro side seams. The AquaPro Above Ground Pool Filtration Equipment Cover protects and extends the life of your filtration system.

AquaPro Filter System Winter Cover
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