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How to Switch from Baquacil to Chlorine

The following article covers pool water conversion from pools using Baquacil to Chlorine. The best time to complete...
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The following article covers pool water conversion from pools using Baquacil and that would like to convert to using regular chlorine. The best time to complete this process is when there is the least amount of Baquacil chemicals in the pool, generally in the spring when prepping your swimming pool for the upcoming season.

You may find after reading through this process that it is easier to simply change you water entirely since above ground pools typically have a lesser amount of water as compared to inground pools.

Drain Your Above Ground Pool

Draining Your Above Ground Pool

To properly drain your above ground pool please follow these tips

Convert Your Pool From Baquacil to Chlorine


Discontinue using all Baquacil products.

Baquacil To Chlorine

Completely clean your filter. If you have a sand filter, change your sand. If you have a cartridge filter, purchase a new cartridge. If you have a D.E. filter, soak and clean the fingers in a cleaning solution.

Clean your filter system

Test and adjust pH and Alkalinity.

Pool Maintenance Checks
Pool Check 3 In 1 Chlorine Test Kit

Is a three way test kit tests for chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels. Proper levels keep your pool sparkling clear. One bottle contains 50 Strips.

Pool Test Kit

Shock your pool with Non-Chlorine Shock or OxyShock. Use double the amount of shock as normal. For every 5,000 gallons, use 2 lbs. of OxyShock.

Pour chemicals into your pool
Focus Multi Function Shock 10oz.

Focus Multi Purpose Shock is a highly effective sanitizer that kills harmful bacteria, aids in algae control and helps keep your above ground pool clean and clear.

Pool Shock

Turn pool filter system on and continuously run for 2 days.

Turn Filter On

After 2 days, test and re-adjust pH to neutral levels.

Test the water

Add chlorine in small amounts. Add chlorine in small amounts and take note of the pool water for any changes in color. Once a chlorine reading of at least 1 ppm is obtained, continue to add chlorine on a day-to-day basis until you reach 3 ppm.

Lower the Level of Pool Chlorine
In this scenario you would need to raise the level of pool chlorine
Chlorine Granular 5lbs

Focus Granules are powerful, stabilized fast dissolving powder chlorine. It is completely soluble and keeps your pool water clean and safe. Di-Chlor Granules are the perfect choice for producing crystal clear swimming pool water.

Chlorine Granular

Continue regular chlorine maintenance schedule.

Hampton Oval Semi Inground Pool

Expert Tips from The Pool Factory

It is a good idea to continue to use Non-chlorine shock for the remainder of the swimming season. Problems could still arise later on by using the high doses of chlorine found in regular chlorine shock.

If any issues arise throughout the process with water clarity or color. It will most likely be easier to start from scratch, draining the pool of its current water, and replacing it with fresh water. No additional steps are needed when starting with fresh water. Simply begin using shock and chlorine once your swimming pool is full of new water. The above process is only a way to salvage your current water and avoid any high water bills.

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