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Aquabot Pool Rover PLUS – Product Review

The Aquabot Pool Rover PLUS is our best selling above ground robotic pool cleaner. Learn some of the reasons why our customers love this cleaner so much by reading the following product review.
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The Pool Rover Plus is the fastest and most reliable above ground robotic cleaner on the market today. Its simple plug and play operation means no installation or hoses to connect. Regardless of its configuration or surface type, it will clean most pools in as little as 1 hour.

Product Features

The Aquabot Pool Rover Plus incorporates hydraulic engineering and an independent filtration system into one revolutionary above ground pool cleaner. It features a direction guidance locking pin for precise navigation, cleaning floors and slopes of all above ground swimming pools. The Pool Rover Plus removes everything from large leaves, pine needles and algae as fine as 2 microns in size (which is as much as 10 times smaller than what main pool filter systems can remove) with its easy to clean reusable microfiltration bag. The Pool Rover Plus cleans all above ground pools up to 36’ in less than 1 hour and includes its own power supply.

The 2 sets of filter bags will make sure the cleaner picks up large debris as well as small debris, like sand and dirt that will get trapped in the mesh bags. Most cleaners will only come with one set of filter bags. The Pool Rover Plus covers 8000 square feet an hour, cleaning the floor, incline and cove with radius.


40ft EZ swivel cable

Includes 2 sets of filter bags (1 set each of fine and mesh)

Power Supply Box

Internal timer with auto-shut off and external timer capability

Individually handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Manufacturer Guarantee

The Aquabot Pool Rover Plus comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty with 1 year bumper to bumper coverage.


The additional features of the Aquabot Pool Rover Plus make it stand out above all the other robotic cleaners that are available. Combine this with the 3 year warranty and you have the most reliable cleaner as well.

Aquabot Pool Rover PLUS Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner 3 Year Warranty

The Pool Rover Plus cleans all above ground pools up to 36′ in less than one hour, operates on 24V and includes its own power supply.

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