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Aquabot Pool Rover Max – Product Review

The Aquabot Pool Rover Max is a great choice for any swimming pool. Learn more about the features of this high quality cleaner from our product review.
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The Pool Rover Max will clean all above ground and in-ground swimming pools. The Simple Plug n’ Play operation means no installation, hoses, booster pumps or complex connections. The long 50ft SWIVEL cable will also help prevent tangling.

Product Features

The Pool Rover Max is a great choice for all above ground and in-ground pool owners. Key features include an internal timer, and external timer capability. Also included are Fine Filter inserts to trap fine debris like sand & silt. The Pool Rover Max has Top Loading Filters which makes cleaning the included filters a breeze. The Pool Rover Max is hydraulically & jet-propelled by its own internal pump motor and will remove everything from large leaves to pine needles to silt or algae as fine as 2 microns in size (which is as much as 10 times smaller than what main pool filter systems can remove).

The Pool Rover Max’s extra-wide non-marring and non-direct drive wheels (no gears or timing belts) allow it to simply and easily roll over vinyl-liner ripples and foot prints, on the floors of hard-surfaces like pebble finishes and gently along fiberglass gel-coat finishes. The Pool Rover Max has free spinning wheels that never stick, and its customizable forward and reverse time settings allow it to clean any type of pool and climb inclines up to 60 degrees while filtering up to 4,500 GPH. The Pool Rover Max can clean most pools in less than one hour and includes its own power supply.


Long 50ft SWIVEL cable to help prevent tangling

Fine Filter inserts Included to trap fine debris

Linear Pump Motor provides better suction and quicker movement

Internal timer with auto-shut off and external timer capability

Individually handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Manufacturer Warranty

3-year warranty with 1-year bumper to bumper coverage


The extra long 50ft SWIVEL cable means you can use this cleaner for larger pool sizes. The fine filter inserts will trap particles as small as 2 microns leaving your pool clean and clear. This high quality cleaner also includes a 3 year warranty where most cleaners only offer shorter 1 year warranties. The Aquabot Pool Rover Max would be a great choice for your swimming pool.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

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