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Aquabot ABREEZ4WD – In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aside from having great looking, secure packaging, the Aquabot ABREEZ4WD debuts at a great price for both functionality and looks.
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Yet another fantastic cleaner brought to you by the people at Aqua Products. Aside from being American made and having great looking, secure packaging, the Aquabot ABREEZ4WD debuts at a great price for both functionality and looks. HUGE wheels offer 4-wheel drive that can guarantee the Aquabot ABREEZ4WD will handle climbing any surface. See through debris compartments don’t leave you guessing if it is time to empty them and the basket style design ensures that you do not have to worry about cleaning or replacing any special bags.

Product Features

  • A Rotating Brush –cleans persistent dirt and debris left behind on walls and floor
  • Top loading filter – Extremely easy access with clear windows to know when to clean
  • Extra Large Debris Canisters – Never worry about emptying until the cleaners cycle is finished. Able to hold more dirt than you can imagine!

It is hard to go into more detail when reviewing a product whose best advantage is simplicity. If you want to save time for yourself and enjoy the things about your pool that get you most excited about the summer, don’t hesitate to pick up this automatic cleaner. There have been some customers so daunted by the chore of cleaning an extremely dirty pool that they lose weeks out of the best summer months on just discouragement alone. After 3 hours with the Aquabot ABREEZ4WD in an above mentioned situation will surely give you the confidence in this purchase that you are looking for.


Works with all surfaces types

Floor and wall cleaning

Two intake valves

Complete cleaning in 1 hour or 3 hour cleaning times

Top loading filter baskets

Includes 60′ cord


When cleaner is near full of debris, cleaner may have trouble reaching the top of the walls and waterline.

Manufacturer Guarantee

2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Jump into the 21st century with this futuristic eye catching robotic pool cleaner from Aquabot. It will not only look great while it’s working, but it will also leave you pool looking like it received a day’s attention from a pool maintenance crew.

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